Kitty Power!!

[ name ]miNdy
[ age ]18
[ bday ]20.1.1987
[ school ]nchs.cchs.nyjc
[ loves ]me.shop.sing.dance.sleep.cats.nice ppl
[ hates ]war.lies.betrayal.hypocrites
[ stuff ]i wanna be a cat.witch.princess...
[ more stuff ]love being pampered and praised
[ and many more. ]i m as proud as a cat
as bad as a witch
can be as kind as a princess
I Want! I Want!

- find the "one and only"
- get 1 2 3 4 credit cards
- have both looks and brains
- go to zoo to visit fellow primates
- my own castle
- see aurora (northern lights)
- love myself more more and more...
- get the ticks off me


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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

haha so long never blog liaoz....aiya well have gotten over and settled with that person ...while and finally starting to workout ...haha this time round must succeed ....oh ya got my bowling jacket yesterday ..haha so cool think it is definitely nicer than dragonboat's one haha ... Everlast one =) going to learn to cook sweet and sour pork..

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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Oh man !Such a relief finally exams over....oh my dunno how's the results its so scary....Well hope i can promote !! =) well hope my aunty can buy me my ipod nano ...*iPod nano* u are mine!! wink*

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

So stress sia..promo coming liao. Heard some negative comments .( Stupid la, learning difficulties, wu xin xiang xue , no goals in life , weird ) .... Just think that even if every close friend is not able to know one completely . Well i can be happy and looks happy-go-lucky , i can be damn serious or sad. The person who made those comments are not even close to me , just feel that if someone has not known be that well is in no position to make sweeping statements that might no be true . When someone says it in a definite way that someone is like blah blah ... it is like forcing one to accept the character that he have said. How does it defer from forcing one to kill or die? [ mo4 xu1 you3 de3 zui4 ming1 ] Comparison should also not be made between two separated bodies ..... Just feel that the person thinks that i m more dumb and lousy than my friend.. Dotz.....(._.)"' Never mind about what u think i m , i know myself best .. I shall prove that they are the ones who are stupid and weird in the end ... So pity they have a poor judgement..

Don't really want to see chen lao shi dunno wat he will say must be some similar comments about me..... Dun wanna hear that anymore .Hate all of them !! Haha we shall see what happens...you2 yan3 bu4 shi2 tai4 shan1 ....blaH BlAh blAh.....

Kitty Power!|9:37 PM|

Kitty Power!|9:37 PM|

Monday, September 12, 2005

From today onwards, i shall start a mega construction of myself ( new me )....haha....
Must work hard to enhance knowledge and also start to work out to get the extra fats off me !!
I shall find back the lost determination hidden in me......Work hard and go for it !! mEowz...
First step is one step closer to success ( become beautiful kitty )..muahhahahaha

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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Just went out to study with Poonie and Chingz...haiz dun get to talk to each other for long .It seems that we not as close as before liaoz...*sobz* well, guess after exams should find time to catch out with each other ...

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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Meows , i went out with Nana and Sam . It was suppose to be a nice and fun outing but we met a someone nasty in cafe cartel at PS. I just wanted to ask what food she is eating but she replied in a damn sarcastic tone "Food". Oh she is so irritating ....heard Nana say that idiotic woman showed her middle finger at us...So mAd!! Should have ask her to KisS my Ass mAn!!Pathetic woman with no manners at all ....Why would they even let her in .Never mind . Anyway we wouldn't see her again!!After that , we went to arcade to play the hitting machine and it is a very good way to vent anger .haha.hitting cockroaches and mosquitoes... Well, at least there is some good things that happen like i met some sec sch classmates like Mel haha still the same old her so crappy.And i finally found my favourite drink Avocado milkShaKe yEAh!!bUt stILL thinK Aunty Connie's onE is the BesT!!

Cat quote of the day -"You can keep a dog; but it is the cat who keeps people, because cats find humans useful domestic animals."- George Mikes

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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Meows out there , hear me out...... i wanted to tell him my feelings. I can tell that he knows it and hint that he already have someone in mind. Although, i may pretend to look brave and strong, deep down inside i m not as strong.
After all, i have been hurt once. The wound on my heart might have heal but the scar remains and this time round it hurts but maybe it is not as painful as before after the previous heartbreak . i have learnt to be stronger through all the pain i have been through.
Maybe its all because of the way i look. Or is it my character? i should have known best that i m just not good enough for someone like him . i m just ugly , fat and dumb. No one will ever like someone like me......The only person able to do so will be myself. Since, no one will love me i should love myself more.meows i know u all will always be there for me and that i can count on all of u .
From today onwards, i shall work harder to become a better person in life and others' eyes. Cannot be lazy and slack anymore. Let those who disappoint me and tried to bring me down regret for their actions. i will always be that proud little cat with big big attitude!!

Cat quote of the day-"A dog will flatter you but you have to flatter the cat."- George Mikes

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